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Stephen Hebert, a renowned New Orleans criminal justice lawyer, is the right choice for defense if you have been charged with a crime. Louisiana criminal laws are complex, and the proper representation is important for a successful outcome.

One question people often ask, “what should I do if the police want to search my home or car? If you are unsure of the correct response to the police, there are a few things to remember. According to the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution which is our protection against unlawful search and seizure, you have the right to refuse a search. If the police have a legal search warrant signed by a judge, that is a different matter. People often think that if an officer asks permission to search, they are not allowed to refuse. However, without a search warrant, you may respectfully decline.

In the event, the police search your car or home without permission, politely remind the officer that you have not given him permission to search and hopefully his body cam will record the occurrence. At this time you may ask permission to leave if you are in your car or if you are under arrest. If detained, you many refuse to answer questions until you have an attorney present.

Some exceptions include if the police believe that a criminal act is occurring, or if public safety is involved, they may search without a warrant. If an arrest is made, search and seizure are legal.

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Personal injury attorneys are your only recourse during a traumatic time whether it is an injury to yourself or a family member. Accidents are unexpected and seldom prepared for. It is such an injustice when you are injured due the carelessness or recklessness of another individual or company. Not being able to work, mounting hospital bills, loss of income to support your family are just a few of the consequences that you may be facing. A personal injury attorney will aggressively pursue justice and a fair compensation for your injury,