Injury Attorney Represents Maritime Claims In New Orleans

The vibrant city of New Orleans is located on the Mississippi River, a busy transit for cruise ships, large ocean-going vessels, barges, and tugboats. Occasionally, these vessels are involved in accidents. A tugboat’s purpose is to push or tow other vessels. You may often see tugboats maneuvering maritime equipment that is unable to move on its own. Although tugboats are durable vessels with reliable engines, they can still be involved in accidents. Tugboats accidents usually occur when towing other large vessels. Some common accidents involve tow winches or faulty connection systems.

Maritime workers who are injured on tugboats are entitled to compensation for their injuries, even if they are not considered seamen. Some types of injuries include injuries from capsizing resulting from operational problems. Defective equipment, as well as poor navigational gear, is also responsible for accidents and injuries. Often larger vessels obstruct the view of the much smaller tugboat resulting in deadly collisions. These are just an example of some types of tugboat injuries.

If you are injured on a tugboat, you should seek the help of a New Orleans personal injury attorney who specializes in maritime law. You are likely entitled to compensation, but it may be difficult to find out exactly how much just by speaking with your employer or insurance agency. Only a skilled attorney can accurately inform you of the law and how it applies to your particular type of accident. Click here for a free case evaluation so he can determine how to best help you to get your life back on track. Again, if you are injured, you need to seek legal help, even if you are unsure whether or not you have a claim.

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