Personal Injury Attorney Metairie Utilizes Aggressive Legal Strategies

We are all subject to misfortune and injury whether it be physical or psychologically. How we are represented will influence the courts to be fair with our case. Peyton Burkhalter, a Metairie personal injury attorney, has worked in the public and private sectors for over the last 20 years and can work with the client and serve his individual requirements as the need arises. It is important to have an attorney that can enter a courtroom, if necessary and stand for your legal rights and explain to the judge and jury your side of the story. Many attorneys realize that fewer than ten percent of all cases go to court. Therefore most have very little trial experience. They favor settling out of court whether you get the best deal or the worst deal. Many attorneys once they learn the case will go to court, will send your case to a partner or attorney with little experience to take the case to trial.

Peyton Burkhalter will work your case aggressively from beginning to end. He will not hand off the case to another trial attorney because of time or lack of resources. He will patiently work through the details and explain all the legal jargon to you. He will put everything in perspective so that you will understand the game plan for your specific case. The ultimate goal is for you to get the best financial outcome in a timely matter. Peyton has tried large and small cases and has an excellent track record. His knowledge of the law has proven to benefit clients statewide.

If you are in need of a Personal Injury Attorney, make an appointment today. Peyton Burkhalter will work with you step by step and get the result you need. He will stand up for your legal rights and not be pushed around by attorneys representing large companies that want to reduce your financial settlement.

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